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J a m e s D u n w o r t h


I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas in the 80’s when it was cool to wear parachute pants.  I spent my kid years playing basketball after school with my friends while we pretended to be Michael Jordan sinking the game winning shot at the buzzer.  I grew up a bit and graduated from MacArthur High School, then I was off to college where I studied Criminal Courts and Procedures. I Inevitably ended up in the car business selling cars mainly for what I thought was easy money but also because it was in my blood. My family had been in the car business for years.  I eventually moved on from the car business to a more stable position as a Personal Banker.  So, what does life look like now? I am proud to say  I am married to my beautiful wife, Brenna, and we have been blessed with an amazing son. Life is good. I have had several hobbies over the years but none developed quite as much as photography has.  My love for photography started early on although I didn’t realize it until later in life.  As a youngster, I would quickly shut my eyes and keep them closed for several seconds to take a mental picture. Later, I had the disposable cameras that I would use to take a lot of completely useless photos of me and my friends.  And soon, camera phones made it to the market and I got my first iPhone.  That is when my interest in photography really became apparent.  Next thing I know, I’m  kneeling down and doing camera yoga to get different angles.  I couldn’t afford a real camera, so the iPhone was my camera for a while.  I finally saved up to get my first DSLR and a couple of kit lenses and BOOM!  I was completely and utterly hooked.  I spent the next several years learning the craft and fine tuning my skills as a photographer.  It is now my passion.  I have brought this passion with me to church and am the photographer at Crossroads Church in Seguin as well as the Live Stream Director. But the thing I love most about photography? The thing that keeps me coming back is seeing the look on my clients face when they see themselves in a light they have never seen before.